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  • Let's Do Yum Cha Food Truck

    Lets Do Yum Cha

    “A&B Food Truck Outfitters have now built 2 trucks and a trailer for Lets Do Yum Cha. Not only did Andrew take time to understand what we were after in mobile food catering, he took time to understand our business so that he could produce a vehicle that was totally supportive to all our requirements. Andrew’s understanding and extensive experience of catering trucks, his drive for excellence in quality and parts and his ongoing support of our vehicles has truly been a game changer for Lets Do Yum Cha.”

    Rowan Bates - Lets Do Yum Cha
  • Katie Crandon – The Canine Wellness Kitchen Food Truck

    The Canine Wellness Kitchen

    One word to describe Andrew and his team AMAZING. If you are serious about getting a food truck then go straight to Andrew, he will give you clear honest advice and his workmanship, customer service is outstanding. We went to Andrew with the craziest idea of a food truck for dogs and he certainly delivered. We would not be here today if it wasn’t for Andrew and his team that created the first dog food truck in Australia.
We love your work Andrew and will be back for more trucks soon.

    Katie and Laura - Canine Wellness Kitchen
  • Sophie Stephens – TAJ MATRUCK Food Truck

    TAJ MATRUCK Food Truck

    When we first began the process of setting up our truck, we visited a few Food Truck Builders. When we approached Andrew in April this year, there was just a sense of comfort and ease we felt. From the moment we started discussing and planning the Truck, Andrew was with us every step and offered such good advise and ideas. When we took delivery of the Truck, it was better than we imagined. Amazing work by a fantastic team. We cannot thank you enough and look forward to sharing our journey with you.

    Sophie Stephens - TAJ MATRUCK
  • Bill Moragiannis Honey Dee Lokoumades Food Truck

    Honey Dee Lokoumades

    From the moment Andrew and I discussed my vision over that cup of coffee, I knew I finally found the right person for the job. All the staff and family have the same passion and excitement in their job. They were fitting out a bus and came across hurdles on a weekly basis which in return found the best solutions, with constant communication day and night. The final reveal was amazing and all the staff was just as excited. Thank you, Andrew and ALL involved in helping me build my dream. I highly recommend A and B food truck outfitters.

    Bill Moragiannis - Honey Dee Lokoumades
  • Rose Houndalas – The Greek Trojan Yiros Food Truck

    The Greek Trojan Yiros

    A & B food truck outfitters made our dream come true from day one. There was no doubt that there professional and outstanding work was going to build us a five-star food truck! Andrews work is amazing with no short cuts and only the best materials and equipment were used. We highly recommended them to anyone who is wanting to build an outstanding food truck. I’m so proud and thankful of the truck you built for us as we drive in our five-star quality truck. The Greek Trojan Yiros are all proud to say that our truck was your outstanding work to all of our customers.

    John & Rose Houndales - Greek Yiros
  • Giuseppe Colosimo – The Pizza Doctor Food Truck

    The Pizza Doctor Food Truck

    To the A & B Food Truck team, Andrew and family. I have absolutely no words to explain how I feel at the moment and I can only say that one idea can only become a reality if we have someone like you on our side. You made my dream true and not only as a person but like a brother you have put all your experience and your knowledge to build my truck. 
We can never thank you enough for what you have done and what you are still doing for me as The Pizza Doctor. Welcome to our family and be proud of your work you guys as you are just simply the best. Thanks from my heart.

    Giuseppe Colosimo
  • 2nd Shot Food Truck

    About eight months ago we decided to enter the Food Truck Industry, after phoning around Andrew from A & B Food Truck Outfitters was the only one who got back to me – his customer service from the first day has been outstanding, thanks for always being a phone call away, even now the food truck is complete and in Queensland! Coming from Queensland I was a bit nervous about the distance however once I went down and saw the quality of his workmanship which compared with other outfitters I eventually got in contact with couldn’t compete with, thus we gave him the job. I know Andrew prides himself on the finish product, because he does things the right way and we are now operating 2nd Shot with confidence because we know our truck stands out from the others and is built to last!

    Tiffany Spary - 2nd Shot Food Truck
  • Andrew Koch – Foods of The Realm Food Truck

    Foods of The Realm

    Foods of the realm is launching our food truck on New Years Eve on Sydney harbour. A baptism of fire I’m sure! We picked up the truck last week from andrew at A& B food trucks to our great delight. We couldn’t believe the perfect condition it was in and the detail in the fitout. Top grade stainless steel and marine grade quality as well as our design in glorious detail. Andrew gave us continuous advice all along the journey and helped us with a smooth transition to handover. The space inside is so efficient and I advise anyone to not cut corners when building a truck. It has to work perfectly and andrew is the best in the business. We expect to build many more. Thanks so much Andrew and Betty for your guidance, Technical advice and friendship.

    Andrew Koch - Foods of The Realm
  • T-Rex Bar-b-que

    T-Rex Bar-B-Que

    Building With AB Food Trucks is simple, its a Slam Dunk – When I spoke to Andrew the first time I got the impression he was a serious and astute builder, which I was looking for. Not having any knowledge about the process of building a food truck I needed somebody serious and who would take care. He helped us in every step of the way with respect and knowledge. We appreciated that he didn’t take the “cookie cutter” approach and really showed genuine interest in our business succeeding. I genuinely think he’s an artist at heart and a master builder second. This was a great collaboration because we are very passionate about our food and our business. AB are available for their customers 24/7 on call which is unheard of anywhere I know! They take serious care for their customers which still floors me in this day and age.

    Rhys McCleary
  • Rhai Thai Food Truck

    Andrew from Abfoodtruck has done a great job for our Thai food truck it’s one of a kind. He has taken a great care in building our truck to the smallest of detail with the highest quality materials (it built to last). He keep you updated of the build progress without having to worried. Without a doubt, he and his crew is the best food truck builder in Australia no one can beat their art work. We thank you Andrew and his crew for making our dream food truck a reality. I would recommend Abfoodtruck to anyone without a second thought. And thank you again for letting us be a part of Abfoodtruck and making Rai Thai food truck reality.

    Rhai Thai Food Truck
  • Sweet Mistake Food Truck

    Sweet Mistake would like to say with all its soul a great big “Thank You” to A & B Food Truck Outfitters. There is not a doubt that every truck that comes out of your work shop Andrew isn’t a sight for sore eyes.This is because you and your team are so passionate about what you do. We would like to mention that from the first day that our truck was only a conversation up until the day it became reality, Betty and you, had us feeling and knowing that everything is going according to plan. The stress free procedure left us the time to enjoy our new journey. It is only natural that out of this co-operation between us , a true friendship developed and will last a life time. Thank you Andrew and Betty for everything.

    Bill & Tina - Sweet Mistake Food Truck
  • Trinhy’s Food Truck

    Thanks Andrew from A & B Food Truck Outfitters, you have been terrific from day 1. There were other options closer to home in Sydney but we’re so glad to have gone with you. Every step of the way you have been helpful from custom building the display cabinet, to recommending the graphics designer and insurance broker to go with, even the late night calls of reassurance was appreciated! Also a shout out to David Sutherland from Adtrans trucks who looked after us and made sure everything was in perfect order before we took the Iveco home. Appreciate all the effort guys!! Free Banh Mi rolls for life

    Aiman Huynh - Trinhy's Food Truck
  • Loaded Gourmet Hotdogs

    What a journey from start to finish! The experience you receive with A&B Food Truck Outfitters is incredible, from that first chat when walking in and being surrounded by trucks mid-build to shaking Andrews hand before driving away in my new state of the art Food Truck. Andrew & Betty were so supportive and very understand the entire way as this is my first start-up business. The workmanship that goes into creating such amazing vehicles is second to none and the advice is wise – Thank you so much. Andrew, Betty and I won’t be a stranger as I honestly believe when dealing with A&B that you almost become part of the family.

    Simon Domenico Bortoli
  • Chef’s Life Food Truck

    Andrew did an excellent job building our food truck. So much time, effort, hard work and love was put into building our truck we are so happy with the end result. Hand’s down Andrew is one of the best Food Truck Outfitters in Australia we are so grateful that we had the opportunity to become one of Andrew’s many client. Such a pleasant experience working with Andrew and Betty! Thank you for making our food dream come to life! Highly Recommended!

    Min & Tee Lieu - Chef's life Food Truck
  • The Little Jeepney

    Thank-you to Andrew for the tireless work you put into our Little Jeepney food truck. I spoke to Andrew almost two years ago with a dream of creating a Filipino food truck and without his work and dedication we wouldn’t have gotten the truck of our dreams. The whole process was one smooth ride and we are so grateful that we put our trust into A & B food truck outfitters. We were kept up to date with every stage of our build and during handover Andrew gave his time to really show us the ins and out of our new mobile kitchen. Thank you again for all that you’ve done for us. The truck is amazing, the quality is second to none and your friendship is priceless.

    Marie Puno - The Little Jeepney
  • Brazilian Bites

    We have just got back from picking up our truck and we couldn’t be happier. It has been a wonderful journey, working with Andrew and the incredible team at A & B Food Truck Outfitters, and one that we will never forget and always be grateful for. To be honest, we had no idea where to start about 6 months ago, or what we even really wanted…From day 1, Andrew not only pointed us in the right direction, but pretty much held our hand through every decision and made it easy and comfortable for us. 5 STAR (plus, if that’s possible)!!!!

    Lea Da Silva Gomes - Brazilian Bites
  • Trang Hue Vietnamese Food

    Thanks to Andrew from A & B Food Truck Outfitters to make my dream come true. The truck looks amazing and you have done such a good job. Number 1 food Truck building in Australia. Thanks for your patience and understanding of my culture, (to make my lucky day opening happen). I don’t know what to say more other than thank you so much. I wish they have 10 stars so I can give that rating to you! Again, Thank you, Andrew and Betty, for everything.

    Trang & Chris - Trang Hue Vietnamese Food
  • Roadrunner Fried Chicken

    5-star rating for Andrew and the team at A&B Food Truck Outfitters!!! The best quality materials and fittings, top quality workmanship, a stack of experience and AAA service from start to finish and beyond equal a really great finished product. That’s what we’ve got from A&B with our spanking new food truck. It’s such a pleasure working with people who really care – can’t wait to build another.

    Brent Debernardi - Roadrunner Fried Chicken
  • Greek Streats

    We cant thank you enough Andrew and the team at A & B Food Truck Outfitters. From the 1st day we stepped into your workshop we knew we had made a new friend in life. Someone we could trust in building our dream and making it all come together for us. Your network of people you have are fantastic too. Being based in Perth you never made it feel you were so far away with the constant updates and copious amounts of photos we felt we were by your side every step of the way. Anyone in Perth or distant from Melbourne do not overlook A & B Food Truck Outfitters due to locality Trust us in saying that you will not feel it for a second. BRAVO Andrew Job well done!

    George Marinakos - Greek Streats
  • Gorilla Grill

    The work Andrew has done on the gorilla grill truck was of excellent quality. We can’t recommend anyone better. Starting a business is always stressful but working with Andrew we had absolute peace of mind that everything would be perfect and to exceptional standard. He kept us up to date with every detail and is genuinely concerned with making sure our truck is a success. Thanks mate, it’s been an absolute pleasure.

    Jayda Tuong Dinh - Gorilla Grill Food
  • MEET Food Truck

    Thank you Andrew! I can’t fault anything in that truck. You did an amazing job. It was a dream come true. We are so glad for choosing A & B Food Trucks to do the truck. I hope to see you in our restaurant one day. Please let us know when you come to Newcastle. “Obrigado”

    Daniel Baptista Pires - MEET Food Truck
  • Joe O’Keefe Jr. – Maverick Wings Food Truck

    Maverick Wings Food Truck

    What a professional business! Couldn’t be happier with our @maverickwingsAU food truck. Andrew and his team delivered over and above our expectations. 
Thanks to all involved with making this concept a reality for our business. Don’t forget to hashtag – #maverickwings.

    Joe O'Keefe Jr.- Maverick Wings Food Truck
  • Cypriot Food Truck

    Amazing experience with A & B Food Truck Outfitters. From concept to finish, A & B were there to organise and deliver on their promises. They even put me in touch with suppliers. I would recommend to anyone looking at buying a Food Truck to look no further then here!

    Stefan - Cypriot Food Truck
  • C’est Chick

    Great people with good work ethics and quality of their speaks loudly.

    Abdul Haseeb - C'est Chick Food Truck
  • Churros-Ole-Food-Truck-Review

    Churros Ole Food Truck

    Firstly a big Thank you to Andrew and Betty and the team at A&B Food Trucks for making our dream come true. Andrew was very understanding and always gave us great ideas and advice throughout the whole truck build. He always kept us updated on every stage of the build with phone calls and photos. The team at A&B Food Trucks are passionate about building top quality food trucks and their drive for excellence in quality workmanship is outstanding. We’re very proud of driving our vibrant red Churros truck to events in Melbourne, knowing it looks great, turns heads and is very well built. Highly recommended!

    Frank Ruggeri - Churros Ole Food Truck
  • Banh-Mi-Brothers-Food-Truck-Review

    Banh Mi Brothers

    Andrew and Betty at A & B Food Trucks made my Food Truck dream come true. They are honest, genuine people that I trust and I thank very much. They did a fantastic job with my Food Truck build. I am very very happy.

    Nghia Thien - Banh Mi Brothers Food Truck
  • Jack’s Creek

    “Highly recommend Andrew and the team at A&B Food Trucks! From the early design stages right through to the final hand over, Andrew’s communication, knowledge and attention to detail were outstanding. We formed a great relationship and our Jack’s Creek food truck exceeded our expectations with the build quality being second to none. Thanks, guys for the exceptional service and look forward to doing business again in the future!”

    Aaron Hofman - Jack's Creek Food Truck
  • PM Perfection

    “Thank you Andrew for making my dream a reality, five stars is not enough 10+ is more like it. You are true Master at what you do, above & beyond my expectations. being able to stop by anytime to watch the progress of the build, building not just the outfit of the truck , but to go as far as building me a custom-built rotisserie!!! this was amazing. I wanted Perfection & I got PERFECTION!!!!! A & B Food Truck Outfitters Australia…Second to None!”

    Peter Padjasek - PM Perfection
  • Nani’s Food Truck

    If your reading this review, because your thinking of getting into a food truck, I,m going to keep this simple, if you don’t use A and B food trucks, YOUR CRAZY!!! From the start to finish its been a pleasure to deal with Andrew and Betty. Andrew’s honesty and attention to detail with everything are unbelievable. He is very easy to deal with and his advice is priceless. My wife told me, this is like a dream come true. That’s how happy she is. I seriously can’t recommend this company enough. I feel like we got a truck above and beyond our expectations.

    John, Nani & Jack - Nani's Food Truck
  • Carmi’s Pasta Bar

    After a lot of research and talking to food truck builders, we decided to go with A&B because their attention to detail and care in building the trucks stood out from the rest. From the start, Andrew and Betty were very approachable, listened to our requests and concerns, and helped us through every step of the process with advice, tips and tricks to get us started. They were always there for us with any questions we had at any time, day, night or even weekends! They definitely care about their builds – it shows in the finished product, which was beyond all our expectations. Nothing was ever too much trouble, even though we changed our mind a couple of times during the build. Over the moon with our bus. Thanks, guys for making our dream come true!

    Carmelita Gei - Carmi's Pasta Bar

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