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10 Ways To Be Successful – You Deserve The Best

Jun 14, 2018 in by A & B Content Team

Building you a Food Truck is the easy part what your going to do with it is the hard part. Here are 10 useful tips before entering the Food Truck scene.

1. Be Great at one thing.

Ask yourself what am I good at cooking? Always go back to what you’re good at. If you are confident in what you are cooking its the first step to success.

2. Equipment

A Food Truck is a mobile kitchen so less equipment is always best.

3. Social Media.

Let people know what you are cooking and where you are trading. Update your social media regularly.

4. Branding

Your graphics are very important. Tell people what you are cooking. People eat with their eyes. Colours and pictures will attract your customers.

5. Don’t give up!

No matter what obstacles you face, it takes nothing to quit, it takes everything to keep going and do it better.

6. Become the Food Truck everyone wants to know.

Become the brand that everyone wants to know, that without you an event is not the best.

7. Menu.

Keep it simple. Cater for all and be able to adapt depending on the event/ festival you cater.

8. Ensure consistency.

Every time a customer walks up to your service window, they should experience the same food quality and service. Consistency is the key to establishing a regular customer base.

9. Hire and train your Staff

Your staff are the face of your business. Make sure they are well trained and are always well presented. Train staff to work quickly as customers do not want to be waiting long for there meal.

10. You are in control of everything.

Make sure you remember this.


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